Choosing your diamond – the difference between popular diamond shapes and how to choose the one that’s right for you!

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Choosing your diamond – the difference between popular diamond shapes and how to choose the one that’s right for you!

Do you know your princess cuts from your emeralds? How about a radiant from an oval? There are ten basic diamond shapes that you should familiarise yourself with before making the leap and choosing your ‘forever diamond’. Among the most popular diamond shape is undoubtedly the round brilliant di...

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Guide To Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring (infographic)

Infographics eliminate the need for taking down notes, which saves you the trouble and effort of remembering where you put them later. This infographic is a compiled list of the important points to look out for a while buying an engagement ring. You can conveniently save it to your mobile, and you u...

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When Should you Remove Your Engagement Ring?

Even though the safest place to keep your Engagement Ring safe is on your finger there are times when you should remove it....

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Buying That Ring! Interview with Seamus in RTE2fm

Top Tips for buying the Perfect Diamond on 2FM this morning. Interview with Seamus Fahy from Voltaire Diamonds…....

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For now and forever – eternity rings

There are many occasions and milestones that couples can celebrate with jewellery, from birthdays to Christmas, engagements to marriage or anniversary’s. The right piece of jewellery is timeless and can be passed on throughout the ages. Eternity rings could be seen to be a modern idea to resemblan...

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Art Deco Diamond Rings

If the glitzy modern engagement rings aren’t your thing, why not think about going for something classic and in the style of an Art Deco piece. What does the term Art Deco mean in terms of Jewellery? The Art Deco period is in fact one of the most popular and lasting design periods in the […...

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gold rose engagement rings
Rose gold engagement rings

There is no denying that in the last number of years there has been a huge increase in the popularity of rose gold jewellery, but did you know there is actually no such thing as naturally occurring rose gold. The process to make Rose Gold is done by adding copper to gold to give it […]...

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Meaning of Birthstones (Part 2)

In the first part of our birthstones piece we covered off January to May, missed it? Not to worry just click here to find all about them. June – Pearl, Alexandrite, Moonstone This is the first month that gives a choice of not one, not two but three different birthstones for the lucky wearers....

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Meaning of Birthstones (Part 1)

For a number of people (especially girls) your birthstone can be the first stone that you get as you grow up. It’s that first taste of something meaningful colourful in a piece of jewellery. There are a number of myths and legends about the origin of birthstones, it is thought that they were given...

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Top Diamonds Shapes when Choosing an Engagement Ring

The shape of the Diamond you choose is such a personal choice, but it should always reflect your own needs and style, But what Diamond Shape is best? In short, every Different Shape Diamond has their own exclusive features, and it comes down to matching it to your own taste. A perfectly shaped diamo...

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Top Ten Tips When Buying Diamond Rings

When buying a Diamond Engagement Ring there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration besides the 4 C’s. Below you will find other factors including the 4 C’s that need to be taken into consideration. Purchasing a Diamond Ring is one of the most important and personal ...

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Diamond Clarity Chart
Clarity Of A Diamond

Last time we talked about cut and colour of a diamond. Today we are going to find out why clarity is so important for diamond evaluation. There are two main categories of clarity characteristics – inclusions and blemishes. The fewer the clarity characteristics, the rarer and more valuable the ...

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