Five things nobody tells you about buying an engagement ring

Five things nobody tells you about buying engagement ring.

Yes, you will need to do your homework about the 4 C’s and yes, you need to get insurance before and after buying an engagement ring – but among some of the things you might not know before buying an engagement ring is the rollercoaster of emotions that accompanies the process. Although there are some parts you will find out for yourself (like the joy of when she says ‘yes!’), we hope to share some insider information and helpful tips to anyone planning on popping the Big Question.

  1. You’ll begin listening intently anytime she mentions jewellery

This is crucial! Any hints or tips that your other half may begin (or has already been!) dropping will be exceptionally useful in helping you find a ring that she’ll love. Conversations involving jewellery of any kind will become inherently interesting! Anything you can gather – whether she loves the antique look of her grandmother’s engagement ring or the art deco style of her sister’s- will be really help to guide the path of your decision-making.


  1. You’re about to start talking to everyone for advice

Your mother, your sister, friends; everyone is an ally- especially those closest to your partner. The more second opinions, advice and tips that you can gather before making the final purchase; the better. With that being said however, everybody has an opinion, so try not to let this overwhelm or confuse you. At the end of the day, you are the one who knows her best. So, trust your gut and keep all of the information you have gathered along the way at the back of your head but remember that the ring is a symbol and celebration of the bond that your partner and you share; it should symbolise the relationship and not be overshadowed by the opinions of your wider circle.

  1. All diamonds will look the same at first

If your knowledge about diamonds is limited to the fact that they’re expensive and shiny, it is definitely high time to brush up on the 4 C’s of a diamond in order to give yourself a head-start and a clear overview of the bigger picture. While considering the cut, clarity, colour and carat weight of the diamond, pay particular attention to the first C: the cut.

The cut of a diamond is emphasised by its visual size as well as the way the light performs while passing through the stone. For example, two 0.80ct round brilliant diamonds can appear remarkably different from one another depending on the depth or shape of their cut. The brilliance (brightness), fire (dispersion of light into colours) and scintillation (flashes of light & dark, i.e sparkle) are all dependant on the cut of the diamond and dictate the overall beauty of the stone.

  1. There’ll be a moment when you realise this is just the beginning!

It might be the moment when you’ve finally settled on the ring you always imagined you would one day be picking out, or the moment when you’re walking out the door with your new purchase. You’ll think ‘Finally! It’s finished’. This is only the beginning however, next up is the proposal and then of course, comes the wedding. Eeeek! Don’t worry though, as you’re in the midst of a day designed to celebrate you and your partner, you’ll realise that it was all worth it!

  1. Going custom will sound complicated and expensive (but it’s not!)

Having a ring custom designed is an avenue that many clients choose to go down and although it may sound like a lot more work than simply choosing a ring as a finished piece, it can usually prove worthwhile. If you know your partner would appreciate an unusual design or setting, having the ring custom made is an excellent method of putting her (and your) individual stamp on it. There’s nothing quite as rewarding as owning a ring that you created yourself!

You may love the stone in one ring but love the setting of another. The ring does not have to be considered as a finished piece, however. It is always possible to swap stones or custom create a ring once more in a different metal. Bear in mind that whatever small detail it is that you are looking to add to your ring, Voltaire Diamonds can make it happen.

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