Things to consider when buying engagement rings

wed fit engagement ring.

There is a reason that most people refer to wedding rings in the plural, a wedding band rarely comes without the main star of the show – the engagement ring! The two should always be considered in tandem when purchasing your engagement ring. Seamus, founder of Voltaire Diamonds, will always advise clients to keep the wedding band in mind when purchasing their engagement ring.

Engagement ring shopping can be daunting at the best of times, with the seemingly never-ending list of styles to choose from, choice of metals, diamond and gemstones cuts… the list seems to go on! However, a phrase that should be in every ring purchaser and/or bride-to-be’s vocabulary is ‘wed-fit’.


The easiest way to match your engagement ring to the wedding band is to purchase a set that has been specially designed for one another, such as a ‘bridal set’, which come in a variety of styles at Voltaire Diamonds. If you are a bride-to-be who prefers more of a vintage-inspired ring, perhaps a classic solitaire or the ‘glitz’ associated with the halo style, remember that the wedding band does not necessarily have to be made bespoke to the engagement ring- as long as it the latter is wed-fit. What is key is that both rings are similar in width, both need to be considered in proportion to the other.

Most of our Voltaire Diamonds engagement rings are designed to be wed-fit, however some of the more intricate designs, which can feature a large centre stone or set of stones, may demand a more curved or custom designed band. Our workshop and dedicated goldsmiths have years of experience in creating bespoke wedding bands, which can beautifully complement your unique diamond or gemstone engagement ring.

Another factor to consider when buying your engagement ring is the metal of both rings. The metals of both the engagement and wedding bands should always match. Platinum & platinum, white gold & white gold and so on. If you have a two-tone engagement ring however, look for a matching/similar wedding band in this mixed metal. If not for aesthetic reasons, matching the metals of your rings will also mean that the two will wear in the same way and within the same time-frame. When worn every day, platinum can be prone to scratching while 18ct white/yellow/rose gold can slightly tarnish over time, so it is important that the metals on your ring all look the same and wear in a constant way to one another.

Similarly, the stones should also match. A diamond and yellow sapphire engagement ring will look completely off sitting against a diamond and ruby wedding band!

Although we have mentioned that wed-fit rings are easier to shop for, rings that do not necessarily fit together like jigsaw also have their own advantage. A very slight space between your engagement, wedding and perhaps, eternity band discretely show that all two/three/four (!) are a piece in their own right and can ensure each stand out without morphing into the ‘one stack’.<

If you have any questions about your wedding bands or would like to book in for an appointment to speak to one of our consultants, please give us a call on 016778449.

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