Do you need a CAD for your custom engagement ring?

What is a CAD?

CAD simply stands for Computer Aided Design, which is a special software application used to design and depict anything from mechanical and engineering parts, complicated building structures to pieces of art and diamond jewellery. There can often-times be some confusion surrounding what a CAD is exactly and what is does.

It is a representation of what your engagement ring supplier (and you) envisage your ring to look like. It is not a picture of the finished product, instead it is intended to show the cast of the wax – not the metal. It is almost like a heavier, cartoon version of an engagement ring. Some parts of the CAD can appear to look blocky- especially the ring’s delicate claws- but fear not! Prongs/claws are small and narrow, they are the most challenging part to cast correctly. For this reason the jewellery designer will tend to make the wax extra thick and longer in order to have more metal, rather than less when filing, polishing and finishing off the ring by hand.

The diamond is then later set into the mount when all of the goldsmith work is carried out.

The CAD software allows the artisan and goldsmith scope to be more precise with their renderings, allowing them to create the ring of your dreams.

In some circumstances (especially for a more intricate or complicated design), a ring might require a CAD design but not always. For simpler designs (like a solitaire engagement ring) a CAD is not always necessary but it can be a helpful tool for some clients who are wishing to visualise their ring.

If you would like to find out more about CAD please do feel free to give us a call on 016778449.

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