Tips to keep engagement rings looking its best!

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    1. Always be sure to pick up your engagement ring by the band. Natural oils on the skin can gather around the stone and over time, may begin to loosen your diamond from its claws. Picking your ring up from your dressing table etc. by the band will help to secure it for years down the line.
    2. Ultra-sonic deep clean. When purchasing your rings with Voltaire Diamonds, you will receive free cleaning for life. An ultra-sonic deep clean can be performed in our office and should be undertaken every 6 months. The machine is a special diamond cleaner which helps to remove grime and really get under the underside of the ring. The process takes less than 10 minutes but makes a huge difference to the appearance of the diamond and helps bring your ring back to life!

    1. Avoid chemicals. Always be sure to remove your ring/s when handling household detergents, cleaning liquids and gardening chemicals. Wear gloves when washing the dishes (if you choose not to remove your jewellery) and always ensure that your hands are thoroughly clean when putting your rings back on.
    2. If your ring is looking a little dull we would recommend gently cleaning it using a soft bristle toothbrush with a mix of warm water and a tiny bit of fairy liquid, every other day. Never use chemicals to clean your ring, methylated spirits, bleach or even toothpaste, as they can seriously damage and corrode the metal of your ring and should never be brought into contact with any jewellery.
    3. Like the engine of a car, your engagement ring must be serviced every 16-18 months in order to ensure the diamonds are secure in their claw setting. It is uncommon, but through everyday use, your diamonds can become loose either in the main setting or along the band (as in the case of melee diamonds). 18ct white gold can become slightly discoloured over time and with everyday wear. A goldsmith can re-plate your ring with rhodium; a hard-wearing, bright and reflective metal, which makes a perfect match to plate onto white gold. Voltaire Diamonds offer a full service for our client’s engagement rings, wedding bands and eternity rings which includes a full clean, polish and servicing of the claws. Call us on 01 677 8449 for more details!

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