Multi-stone Engagement Rings

Girls that love three stones would say, “Why have one diamond when you can have three?”. The spread of sparkle across the finger give a rather impressive appearance. Today, we might find relatives of an older generation that have this style. Some client choose trilogy engagement rings for nostalgic reasons. Other may just be interested in the modern settings that are now available.

Multi stone
ER 1420 round 3 stone

Round 3 Stone Trilogy ER 1420

ER 2322 Three Brilliant Round Diamonds With Crossover Detail

Graduated Round Trilogy ER2322

ER 1257 diamonds on shoulders 1

Oval and Round 3 Stone with Channel Set ER 1257

YouTube ER 1066

Three Stone Oval Trilogy Diamond ER 1066

ER 1855 oval trillion 3 stone

Oval Cut Trillion 3 Stone ER 1855

ER 1841 pear 3 stone

Pear 3 Stone ER 1841

Graduated Trilogy with Channel Set Shoulders1

Graduated Trilogy Channel Set Shoulder ER 1255

ER 1435 round 3 stone scallop

Round Three Stone Ring Scallop Set Diamond ER 1435

Graduated Trilogy with Channel Set Shoulders2

Graduated Trilogy Channel Set Shoulder ER 1256

ER 1854 princess 3 stone

Princess Cut 3 Stone ER 1854

Radiant Cut Diamond with Graduated Baguette Side Stones

Emerald Cut Diamond And Baguettes ER2290

ER 1567 side oval solitaire 3 stone

Oval and Round Three Stone ER 1567

ER 1422 round 3 stone pinched setting

Classic Round Trilogy ER 1422

ER 1254 cushion

Handmade Radiant and Round Brilliant ER 1254

ER 1587

Radiant Cut And Round Diamond ER 1587

Graduated Crossover Trilogy Style Engagement Ring

Three Stone Princess Cut Diamond ER 1387

Emerald and Tapered Baguette Engagement Ring – ER 1200

Emerald and Tapered Baguette ER 1200

ER 1846 marquise 3 stone pear

Marquise Cut And Pear Cut Trilogy ER 1846

ER 1736 brilliant centre 2 side pears 3 stone

Round Brilliant 6 Claw And Pear Cut ER 1736

Round Solitaire And Tapered Baguette Engagement Ring – ER1183A

Round Solitaire And Tapered Baguette ER1183A

ER 1011 oval 3 stone crossover

Oval and Round Three Stone ER 1011

ER 1085 round solitaire princess side 3 stone

Round and Princess Trilogy ER 1085

ER 1627 emerald 3 stone

Emerald Cut Three Stone ER 1627

ER 1000 Side 3 stone round crossover

Handmade Trilogy Crossover ER 1000

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