Emerging engagement ring trends of 2018- so far!

The month of June officially marks the halfway point of 2018- which means that we have had some time now, over the past 5/6 months to study the emerging engagement ring trends of the year so far.

We are totally besotted by diamonds here at Voltaire Diamonds and anything that can provide us with a mesmerising sparkle will always catch our interest- so it was no struggle to put together a list of some new beautiful engagement ring styles that have been designed and handcrafted by our talented team of goldsmiths in the Voltaire workshop.

Needless to say, our solitaire engagement rings, i.e. the classic single diamond (usually a round cut) mounted on a plain or diamond band, will always be our most requested engagement ring style due to its ability to stand the test of time and understated elegance. However, over the past couple of months, due to many client requests, we have eagerly begun to create solitaire rings with more unique diamond cuts.

Oval solitaires

Oval diamonds are having their moment! We love them on a plain platinum tapered band, like our stunning 1 carat oval diamond shown in the photo to the right. They also look absolutely beautiful however on an 18ct yellow, rose or white gold band decorated with small, round melee diamonds.

Antique cluster halos

Although the solitaire will forever hold a place in our hearts (!), we can’t overlook the WOW factor that a diamond halo provides.  Our clients have always loved our round, oval, cushion and emerald halo styles but we are noticing an increased interest in cluster style halos. This more ‘antique’ style of ring is extremely versatile and is a knock-out in every metal. Our favourite has to be a plain 18ct yellow gold band with a sapphire centre stone, surrounded by a delicate row of diamond cluster diamonds. Breath-taking!

The classic three stone

This style has always remained popular, but we couldn’t resist including it on our roundup of 2018’s most popular trends so far. The three stone is renowned for its longevity and adaptability to countless combinations of diamond cuts. The general rule of thumb is to keep ‘like with like’. That is to say; diamond shapes tend to look their best when in an alignment when you combine straight-edged shapes with other straight-edged shapes, while more round or ‘softer’ shapes work best with their similar counterparts. For example. A rectangular or emerald cut looks beautiful with two smaller rectangular shapes cuts or straight or stepped baguettes, whereas a centre oval shape will be best complemented by round side stones. Pear cuts work very well as ‘accent stones’ with any shape as well as tapered baguettes- which lead beautifully into the main stone, regardless of shape.

Geometric halos

Looking for something more contemporary, with clean lines that will be sure to stand out from the crowd? Geometric style engagement rings are within the realm of the Art Deco style of art and craftsmanship. We love this bezel set cushion cut diamond set in a pave diamond band and have noticed recently that a growing number of our clients have started to turn their attention towards this perhaps, less conventional style of ring which we ourselves totally adore!

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