Valentines gift ideas 2023

Valentines gift ideas 2023

By Emma Neary Valentine’s Day – the most romantic day of the year! Usually symbolled with hearts, flowers, and chocolates. Why not get creative this year with something that lasts forever and gift that special someone in your life with a beautiful piece of fine jewellery? Nothing says foreve...

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Diamond Ratio

By Emma Neary When shopping for the perfect diamond, researching the 4 c’s is the first thing most will do. However, there is another factor that tends to get overlooked – the length to width ratio. Mainly relevant when shopping for fancy cut diamonds, the length to width ratio determine...

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how to buy engagment ring dublin
How to buy engagement ring from Voltaire Diamonds?

Where to buy? Where can I buy engagement ring in Dublin [view]? This should not be a question that you must ask, the answer should be obvious. To buy the perfect solitaire rings, you need jewellers that have quality designs and ideas, the highest quality stones, the right ring setting and expert kno...

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Engagement ring trends: Toi et Moi

Toi et Moi rings have recently returned as a trend in the celebrity world. First brought into the public eye in 1953, John F. Kennedy proposed to his beloved Jacqueline Lee Bouvier, bringing this classic style back into the public eye. Jackie Kennedy’s stunning Emerald and Diamond toi et moi ring,...

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Having rings engraved is a beautiful way to mark a mementos occasion in your life. Whether it is having partners engagement ring engraved before proposing, your initials placed on the inside of your wedding bands or the date your child was born on an eternity ring, it truly adds a unique touch. Here...

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Financing an Engagement Ring

So, the decision has been made – you are going on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring and will soon propose to the love of your life! This is one of the most exciting experiences you will have together (except the wedding obviously!) and you want everything to be perfect. There is though one ...

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Buying your wedding bands

By Rachael Fagan When should I order my Wedding band? This is one of the most frequent questions we get asked by clients once they have received their engagement ring. It is totally understandable that many couples wish to order wedding rings as soon as they can to avoid extra stress in the lead up ...

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Minimalist Engagement Rings

By Rachael Fagan No matter what your style, there will always be an engagement ring out there that is perfect for you. The most popular styles we see follow the “the bigger the better” mantra, but if you love something more understated and simple, then read on to see our favourite styles for the...

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Round Solitaire
Platinum vs. White gold

There are many different choices when it comes to selecting the metal for your engagement ring. For the most part, it is based solely on your preference of colour and/or choice of stones. However, when it comes to white gold and platinum – what is the difference? For many years platinum has been t...

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juicy gemstones

Leaves are becoming beautiful shades of rust floating off trees around us. Cashmere woollens in tones of peach to burnt orange are appearing, calling to us in from shop windows. Autumn is here, crackling fires and the sense of excitement of Halloween is in the air. The natural progression of changin...

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Orlov black diamond
Considering a Carbonado?

Although also quite appealing no, I don’t mean a carbonara. Carbonado diamonds, aka black diamonds are the toughest of all, natural diamonds. The dark, metallic grey to black lustre from these stones have an intriguing allure of their own, quite different to the fire, sparkle, and translucency of ...

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pear shaped diamond engagement ring
Pear cut diamonds

What is not to love about a pear cut diamond? Pretty, elegant and timeless, pear cut stones have been employed in jewellery over many years. Pear cut diamonds make for popular engagement rings. Victoria Beckham, Anna Kournikova and Katherine Heigl all sport pear cut diamond rings. Below we outline o...

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lab grown diamond engagement rings
Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds are Forever but what about Lab Diamonds? Lab-grown diamonds have seen a huge surge in popularity over the past decade. Physically, chemically and aesthetically they are the same as Earth-mined diamonds. Today, lab grown diamonds account for 1-2% of the diamond jewellery industry as a whole....

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art deco engagement rings
Art Deco Style Engagement Rings

Perfect symmetry, clean lines, geometric shapes and striking gemstones are all hallmarks of Art Deco inspired jewellery. At Voltaire diamonds we are lucky to have a vast selection of Art Deco style engagement rings [1]. Here we look at some of the characteristic features of Art Deco [2]design and de...

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Top 5 Interesting Facts About Peridot

Peridot …… not just a pretty green gemstone First used as a talisman in the ancient world, peridot has a long-standing mystical reputation. Here are our top 5 interesting facts about Peridot that you may not have known. Fact 1. Extraterrestrial peridot is a thing! Incredibly rare, extrat...

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blue sapphires
10 Interesting Facts about Sapphires

We are lucky enough to have a huge selection of sapphire and diamond rings here at Voltaire Diamonds. The majority of our rings feature blue sapphires, however did you know that sapphires come in every colour but red? You see, sapphire belongs to the gem family corundum and so does Ruby. All of the ...

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