Leaves are becoming beautiful shades of rust floating off trees around us. Cashmere woollens in tones of peach to burnt orange are appearing, calling to us in from shop windows. Autumn is here, crackling fires and the sense of excitement of Halloween is in the air. The natural progression of changing colours is evident in the environment around us, and we tend to follow suit with our attire. For those of us who enjoy a seasonal wardrobe, what juicy gems could be the right choice for autumn? Keeping with the warmth of autumnal orange enthusiasm, let’s look at a few.

We are mostly au fait with red garnets, but an interesting colour option to be noted is the Hessonite Garnet. Originating from Sri Lanka this gem is more commonly known as the cinnamon garnet, exhibiting hues of bright to rich deep orange.  On the Mohs scale of hardness it rates from 6.5-7.5 so it’s a good candidate for occasional or seasonal wear. Their appearance tends towards a resinous luster.

For a brighter, more lucid sparkle, golden or orange tourmalines might be just the thing to captivate your interest. On the Mohs scale of hardness tourmalines are about 7.5. These gems have a mesmerising effect, colours so vibrant, reminiscent of fantasy inspired gem stones you may have imagined as a child. The variety of colour hues of tourmalines is unreal, like a rainbow of coloured candies, there’s always a tourmaline to suit your colour greed’s.

Moving along to a softer toned, exquisitely elegant stone, a beauty to transcend any hand to divine opulence. The peach sapphire. This stone exudes grace and elegance with its subtle delicate peachy champagne tones. Resting at level 9 on Mohs scale of hardness sharing the same qualities of the traditional blue sapphire, just a different colour definition. These sapphires look stunning set in rose gold, and who would dispute a diamond halo. Beautiful.

The list of juicy gems goes on, but for now I hope you’ve enjoyed a hint of inspiration to fall in love with this autumn.





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