Financing an Engagement Ring

So, the decision has been made – you are going on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring and will soon propose to the love of your life! This is one of the most exciting experiences you will have together (except the wedding obviously!) and you want everything to be perfect. There is though one small issue – you haven’t saved enough for the ring you want. This is a dilemma that many of our clients have faced before and we are here to tell you that hope is not lost. Here at Voltaire, we have a few different payment options to suit all budgets.


Voltaire have teamed up with Humm to provide our clients with an easy installment plan that allows you to purchase your beautiful ring now but pay for it later! You can also avail of Humm financing for all of our other pieces – wedding bands, earrings, pendants etc.!


If you are not too keen on financing or just not in a hurry, we can also hold onto your chosen piece for you until you are ready to pay it off! This option requires paying a 30% deposit when ordering, with the final balance to be paid off in full before collection.


If you have the full amount of your purchase available when you choose the perfect ring, we are also happy to take the full payment up front. The choice is then yours if you would like to take your ring with you on the day or leave it with us for safe keeping until you are ready to give it to that special someone.

Financing your engagement ring can leave many worried and stressed but with these three options, our aim in Voltaire is to make the process as easy as possible for our clients and ensure each and everyone of them has the opportunity to purchase their perfect ring. If you have any questions about our financing options, please do not hesitate to contact us and our team will be delighted to assist you.

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