Platinum vs. White gold


By Rachael Fagan

There are many different choices when it comes to selecting the metal for your engagement ring. For the
most part, it is based solely on your preference of colour and/or choice of stones. However, when it comes
to white gold and platinum – what is the difference?

For many years platinum has been the more expensive option but recently the price of gold has been
increasing, meaning the gap is beginning to close. So, which should you choose? That decision is entirely
dependent on you, there is no right or wrong answer – it is all about preference!

In order to produce white gold, yellow gold is mixed with other alloys such as silver, nickel, palladium and
zinc – making it paler and harder than pure gold. What gives your jewellery its beautiful silver lustre is a
final plating of rhodium. Over time, this plating can wear and your rings may begin to look a warmer silver
but there is no need to worry, our goldsmith will re-dip your ring during regular servicing and it will come
back good as new!

Platinum is a naturally occurring metal and has a much higher purity level than white gold and does not
need to be plated in rhodium as it is naturally silvery white in colour. With wear, platinum can dull to a
darker more greyish silver. A professional polish during your service will reinstate your platinum ring to its
previous sparkle and shine. A popular choice for men’s wedding bands, platinum is heavier and harder than
white gold. Its density is one of the contributing factors to its higher cost- precious metals are priced by
weight therefore the same piece in white gold comes at a lesser price. However, white golds additional
coating of rhodium means it is still an extremely durable metal and its lighter weight gives it a daintier feel
on the hand which many prefer.

It is important to keep your current and future jewellery purchases in mind when deciding on a metal. We
here at Voltaire would always advise that your wedding and eternity bands are made of the same material
as your engagement ring. You want to avoid one metal wearing away the other from rubbing and insure
that any wear over time will show up the same. White gold can sometimes become thin after many years of
wear and sitting next to a harder platinum ring will do it no favours!

Either of these precious metals are a worthy choice for your engagement ring or wedding band. Both will
stand the test of time as long as they are taken care of properly. Regular services can insure all of your
stones stay safe and any damage to the metal are fixed. Neither metal is indestructible – your ring is only as
good as you treat it!


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