Having rings engraved is a beautiful way to mark a mementos occasion in your life. Whether it is having partners engagement ring engraved before proposing, your initials placed on the inside of your wedding bands or the date your child was born on an eternity ring, it truly adds a unique touch.

Here at Voltaire Diamonds, all of our engraving is carried out by hand which creates a stunning finish. Hand engraving has been practiced for thousands of years and is a highly sought-after skill. In recent years it has become extremely hard to locate engravers and it seems as though it is becoming a dying art. By having your piece hand engraved you are not only adding sentimental value but also, you may just have something beautifully rare in years to come.

When it comes to what to get engraved on your ring, we have a few pointers that can help you decide:

Short and sweet – The guide number of characters that can be engraved on your ring is 10. We always recommend keeping your engraving as simple and short as possible as you want to avoid it looking cramped or being unable to read it.

Sizing is everything – Always ensure that your ring is perfectly sized to your finger before having it engraved. If your ring has to be resized after the fact, the goldsmith may not be able to work around the engraving and it cannot be redone.

Width – The width of the ring you are hoping to have engraved is extremely important as if your engagement ring or wedding band is quite slim, the engraver may be unable to work on it. Please keep this in mind when choosing your band.

We believe engraving is a lovely addition to your rings and love having it done for our clients. If you need any further guidance or have any questions about having your jewelry engraved, please do not hesitate to contact our team who are always here to help in any way we can!

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