Diamond Ratio

By Emma Neary

When shopping for the perfect diamond, researching the 4 c’s is the first thing most will do. However, there is another factor that tends to get overlooked – the length to width ratio. Mainly relevant when shopping for fancy cut diamonds, the length to width ratio determines the proportions of your stone.

Ratio is important to keep in mind when shopping for your diamond as it reflects the shape and proportion e.g. how square or rectangular a diamond is. To find out the ratio of a diamond, simply divide the length of the stone by the width – for example, if you have an oval diamond that is 10mm length and 7mm in width, divide 10 by 7 and you will get the number 1.4 which is your ratio and indicates the overall shape of your diamond.

Recommended ratios for diamond shapes:

Princess 1 to 1:03

Emerald 1:34 to 1:43

Oval 1:35 to 1:45

Pear 1:47 to 1:65

Radiant 1 to 1:15

Heart 1 to 1:05

Marquise 1:90 to 2:10

Cushion 1 to 1:15

Asscher 1 to 1:04

Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong diamond ratio, it really comes down to the shape that is most pleasing to your eye! Any one of our consultants here at Voltaire will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect shape of diamond for your special purchase.

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