Your guide to choosing a gent’s wedding band

In the whirlwind of planning a proposal, picking the ring and gathering the courage to ask your other half the big question, the actual wedding and concept of picking out wedding rings can feel like a faraway task.

Picking out wedding bands is also a very exciting part of the whole process and can be a special experience for the groom, as for a lot of men the wedding band is the only piece of jewellery they wear- or even own! So it is worthwhile spending some time on choosing the band, knowing which options are available and picking out a design that’s right for you.

One of the first steps is to match the metal to your fiancée’s engagement ring (and her wedding band). If you are picking out two gents bands however, the ‘rules’ do not have to be as cut and dry and you might decide to go for a mix of metals.


In the case of male and female bands, the metals would usually match- at least in colour, however the choice is not only limited to 18ct white/yellow/rose gold or platinum. You might decide to go for 500 palladium, 950 palladium or sterling silver.

More alternative metals are also on the market. These include titanium, stainless steel, cobalt or tungsten.

At Voltaire Diamonds, Palladium (500 & 950) would be the most popular metal of choice for our male clients. It is a rare metal in the group of metals and is perhaps most similar looking to platinum, without the denseness. This is an advantage if you are looking for the visual appeal of platinum without the heavy weight on your finger. Palladium will not tarnish over time and has the benefit over 18ct white gold in that it won’t need re-plating. However, like every metal it will wear and scratch when being worn everyday. This does not mean that the metal will be lost, just that as the ring ages, the small marks will come together to form a ‘patina’, that most people find pleasant. Palladium can be polished and also cleaned using a shop-bought jewellery cleaner or by soaking it in warm soap and water.

Voltaire Diamonds have a fantastic selection of mens wedding bands in multiple choices of mixed or plain metals, in a plain band design, or even with more intricate or fancy detail.

Wedding band profiles are another thing to consider when picking out your wedding ring. We offer a choice between the traditional, comfort fit (curved on the outside and inside), flat (no curve on either side) or modern (curved on the inside and flat on the inside). You may also choose to give your ring a polished (shiny), matte or brushed finish (see below)

We cater for every finger size and can also engrave your wedding bands with a special message. We also offer a special fingerprint engraving service which can be a really special touch in putting your own stamp (literally!) on your wedding band.

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