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Your wedding day is a significant milestone in anyone’s life. Once it has passed and those memories have been created, your chosen rings will remind you of the special vows that you made to one another. It stands to reason that you deserve the most beautiful rings made with consideration and care. Voltaire Diamonds has worked hard to build a reputation of trust.

We are recognised by many as specialists in the fields of engagement and wedding jewellery. An eternity ring is a symbol of your eternal love for one another. It can be worn together with your engagement and wedding rings, or on a separate finger. Book your appointment with Voltaire Diamonds and view our charming range of rings for men and women.


Round Brilliant & Princess Cut HET2179


Eternity Ring HET1661


Eternity Ring HET8000


Eternity Ring HET1117

Eternity Ring HET1165

Eternity Ring HET1165


Eternity Ring FET1416


Eternity Ring HET1731


Round Brilliant & Baguette Cut HET1919


Eternity Ring HET1374


Eternity Ring FET1132


Eternity Ring HET1502

diamond ring

Eternity Ring FET2168


Eternity Ring FET1094

fet1022y wedding eternity diamond ring

Yellow Gold Scallop Set Diamond Band FET 1022Y


Eternity Ring FET2163


Eternity Ring FET1060


Eternity Ring HET940

wedding ring

Eternity Ring FET1218


Eternity Ring HET0925

wedding ring

Eternity Ring FET1197


Eternity Ring FET1536


Eternity Ring HET1805


Round Brilliant & Baguette Cut Channel Set FET904


Eternity Ring FET1300

Wedding Rings & Bands in Dublin – Voltaire Diamonds

Once you have found the perfect engagement ring, asking the all-important question and begun planning your wedding, one of the smallest but most important aspects is choosing the rings or bands that you will both cherish forever.

At Voltaire, we specialise in providing our clients with a bespoke customer service allowing you to choose your engagement rings and wedding rings in privacy and with expertise and utmost confidentiality. 

Choosing the right rings is an important moment in your life. It involves you and your partner collaboration to choose the rings that match both your styles, comfort and in which you will both say, “I do”.

Usually more restrained in design and character these rings are to be cherished more so that admired. At Voltaire, we believe it’s important to provide our clients with exquisite products, an experience they will remember and knowledge of what they are purchasing. 

The differences between wedding rings and engagement rings

The main difference within the price of engagement rings and wedding rings is the inclusion of a diamonds and the design of the rings. At Voltaire, we specialise in all types of diamond jewellery.

It is becoming increasingly popular for wedding rings to also contain diamonds or other precious metal, but if this is not to your taste, Voltaire has many options for you to choose from.

Diamond rings often contain much smaller diamonds which can be set into the rings. For men, a solid ring is more popular but with changing tastes it is easy to find diamonds in many styles and settings.

Other factors that differ include the metal that your rings are made from. Yellow gold remains the most popular for both rings although Rose gold and Platinum are also popular choices. 

The metal used is a matter of taste and style, however, we often recommend that the metal of your engagement and wedding ring should match or be similar. This is to allow for colour and continuity to be maintained.

You will see from our selection, that wedding rings styles, for the most part, are more subdued in style and design. They still provide the all-important bond and are an important part for many special celebrations.

What to look for in a wedding ring

When choosing your wedding ring or any other ring for that matter it’s important to choose something that both looks and feels great. The chosen bands or rings are often worn for life and therefore it’s important to ensure you have something that is both comfortable and looks great. 


Comfort fit bands are a popular choice for those unaccustomed to wearing rings. The ring has a more domed centre and may contain more metal than a traditional ring. This helps relieve pressure and provide a more comfortable fit. Usually, in the wider band, comfort fits are also ideal for those who may need to remove their ring for work or other activities.

Traditional (Standard) Fit:

The traditional design has been used by goldsmiths for centuries. It is a flat design along the interior of the ring, resulting in the same diameter from one edge to the other. Standard fit bands are usually cheaper to buy as they require less metal to be made than the comfort fit. A perfect choice for those who will not be removing their ring for work and who enjoy a more traditional feel and look.

Voltaire Jewellery insurance

Voltaire is happy to offer you insurance protection for your jewellery, including diamond rings and other diamond jewellery and precious metals that you may have. 

Our packages are based solely on your jewellery and offer several advantages over traditional home insurance.

  • A simple certificate with a minimum of exclusions.
  • Cover anywhere in Ireland plus up to 30 consecutive days elsewhere.
  • All items insured against physical loss or damage including theft and accidental loss.
  • Claims settlement exclusively by repair or replacement via Voltaire Diamonds.
  • Your jeweller is available to assist you during opening hours.
  • Maximum any one item of jewellery €5000 
  • The maximum amount of jewellery that can be insured per household €10,000.
  • No excess applied to losses (typical home insurance has a minimum €50 excess)

Diamond wedding ring maintenance:

Diamond wedding rings are precious pieces of jewellery that get worn for a far greater period than other jewellery. It is important to take care of your rings and other jewellery. 

For that reason, Voltaire has compiled a few ideas and methods you can use to clean and protect your jewellery:

  • You should never wear your diamonds and other jewellery when you are participating in sports or manual work. Sudden impacts and materials can damage your diamonds and the ring metal. Scrapes and cracks can be expensive, and it will be difficult to explain to your significant other why you didn’t take care of your ring in the first place.

Comfort rings are ideal for those who will be replacing the rings often as they can smoothly come over the knuckles of your fingers.

  • Avoid using sprays and chemicals near your diamonds, they can cause cloudiness and lay on the surface of your diamonds and gold blocking the shine and reflection of light. 
  • From time to time, you will want to clean your jewellery especially on special occasions or after a long period of wearing. 1 part ammonia with 4 parts warm water is the ideal treatment for your jewellery. Allow your jewellery to set and clean with a soft toothbrush. Dip and dry with a lint-free cloth, this ensures that no fabric becomes trapped or dust affects the cleaning process.
  • Avoid open sinks or drains and have a safe location for you to lay your jewellery while you clean.
  • Store your jewellery in a secure and safe place. The case that your diamond band came in is ideal. Mixing your jewellery can cause scratches and small abrasions which you want to avoid.

If your Jewellery or rings have been damaged our Dublin jewellers’ workshop will be happy to fix and clean any of your rings or other important jewellery.

We hope these tips and our services allow your wedding rings to last without incident for years to come.

Wedding rings at Voltaire:

At Voltaire we believe privacy, expertise and an unforgettable experience should be part of your journey with us. Choosing your rings is a joint venture and an incredibly special moment. After much consideration, talks and research you have come to us to provide you with the special diamonds and rings to finalise your commitment to each other. It is for these reasons that we offer bespoke private viewings in our Dublin jewellery office. You will have access to our wide selection of jewellery for you to examine. With you will be our expert jewellers and if required, one of our craftsmen to assist you in learning more about your rings, the cost, the materials and history of your rings. We are happy to answer any questions you may offer. Our Dublin jewellery office is centrally located, and should you have special requests we are happy to accommodate wherever possible.

You will not feel rushed as we want your experience with us to be as memorable as the many major events happening in your life. Should you wish to view our other jewellery and loose diamonds, this can also be arranged following a conversation with one of our representatives.

Wedding ring metals

Many of the same metals used in engagement rings are also used in wedding rings. This is due to their look, feel and longevity. We recommend matching the metals for all your rings, but should you wish to change things up this is perfectly fine. The most popular ring metals include: 

Rose Gold

Rose gold rings are made by combining yellow gold and copper. The more copper used the greater the rose tint of your ring.

Yellow gold

Yellow gold or 24 Carat gold remains one of the most popular options for both wedding and engagement rings. This is a great choice for those who prefer a more traditional look. 


Diamond studded platinum make beautiful rings and are some of the most popular among our clients. Diamonds set within the ring are given prominence and work beautifully into almost every design.

White Gold

White gold is created through a combination of yellow gold and a silver alloy, the greater the carat the more gold infused into your ring. Another popular choice and one that provides uniqueness for those who prefer an alternative approach.

Diamond cuts for wedding rings

Both diamond wedding rings and engagement rings contain many of the same types of diamond cuts. The main difference of course is the size of the diamond cuts. Whatever cut you use it should be noted they can be placed into all metal types from rose gold to yellow gold and platinum.

Diamond engagement rings often contain diamonds embedded within the ring in various styles which we will look at soon. Some of the most prominent diamond cuts include:

  • Emerald
  • Oval
  • Ascher
  • Radiant
  • Pear 
  • Marquise

These can be set within various clasps and are a beautiful addition to your rings.

Wedding ring styles:

Diamond rings come in various forms, with the most popular styles being embedded diamonds. This can cover the entire band or just the front area of your wedding ring.

Some of the most popular styles include:

  • Baguette-cut.
  • Princess cut.
  • 9 stone round brilliant
  • Claw set
  • Double row
  • Triple row
  • Marquise and round diamond set
  • Two tones double row
  • Double row paved set
  • Slim offset

Wedding ring considerations

When choosing your rings there are several areas that should be considered before making your final purchase. These are:

Symbolism: The sharing of rings is an important step in your relationship and you should find rings that symbolise your love for one another.

Permanence: Wedding rings should last forever so it’s important to find rings created from strong and elegant materials.

Price: The more elaborate your ring in both design and inclusion, the higher the price. Factor in the price of your diamond rings when planning your big day.

Style: The style of your ring should match your tastes. You will have your wedding ring for life so it’s important to find something that you are happy with. 

With careful consideration of these areas and through a better understanding from this page you shall be able to find the perfect special rings at Voltaire diamonds. We are sure that you will have more questions that we simply could not answer here, and we always welcome questions about our various products and services.

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