Emerald Engagement Rings

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Have you ever considered an emerald gemstone as an engagement ring? Finding the perfect engagement ring can be feel like a daunting task and the options may seem limited to just that of a diamond. This is certainly not the case! Gemstones can be a beautiful option or complement to a ring either alone, with other gems or indeed, alongside a diamond.
Emeralds form part of the ‘precious four’, alongside the diamond, ruby and sapphire and showcase a depth of colour that few other gemstones possess. The rich and deep green of the emerald has attracted royalty of ancient times and royalty of new for centuries.

History of the emerald

The Egyptian queen Cleopatra had a penchant for the lush gems and had one of the most expensive and renowned collections of emeralds of the Ancient World. Indeed, Egypt was the earliest known location for emerald mining, not far from the Red Sea. Not one to share; Cleopatra claimed the country’s biggest emerald mine from the Greeks as her own.
As well as using the emerald for adornment, the ancient Egyptians also believed the green stone represented fertility and rebirth. A stone was often placed under the tongue to encourage fertility and also help see into the future. In ancient folklore, emeralds were also believed to guard against memory loss and enhance intuition. Today, emeralds are loved for their aesthetic value. Like the diamond, the value of an emerald is determined by measure of the 4 C’s- colour, clarity, cut and carat weight. The most important of the 4 C’s as it applies to emeralds is colour. The best colour accorded to an emerald is vivid green or blueish green with minimal colour zoning.

Emerald engagement rings

Emeralds can be incorporated into engagement rings in so many ways! If you prefer the emerald to take centre stage, a halo design could be the option for you. Emeralds look fantastic in an emerald cut setting, surrounded by an outer ring of diamonds, where both stones shine through- neither masking the unrivalled beauty of the other.

Another popular emerald setting that has gained prominence over the last number of years is the stepped emerald and diamond trilogy ring, with a centre emerald stone flanked by two diamond baguettes. This style can appear antique or more art-deco, depending on the wearer!

Emerald stones are also beautiful in a solitaire setting. Especially in an 18 ct yellow gold setting, an oval shaped emerald engagement ring, with a diamond melee band exudes elegance, sophistication and class!

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