Eternity Rings

There are countless eternity ring styles. It is likely that we will have the perfect ring to suit your preferences. If not, we are happy to hand make a ring that does.


Princess & Baguette Cut Channel Set FET912


Eternity Ring FET983

fet1093 wedding eternity diamond ring

Triple Row Diamond Set Band FET 1093


Eternity Ring HET1811


Eternity Ring FET1239


5 Stone Claw Set Eternity Ring HET2175


Eternity Ring HET1543


Eternity Ring FET1930


Eternity Ring FET2193


Eternity Ring HET1771


Round Brilliant & Princess Cut HET2182


Round Brilliant Channel Set HET2088


Eternity Ring FET1466

wedding ring

Eternity Ring FET2183


Eternity Ring HET1230


Eternity Ring FET1366


Eternity Ring FET2156


Eternity Ring FET1105


Eternity Ring HET0929


Eternity Ring HET1372

wedding ring

Eternity Ring FET2200

wedding ring

Eternity Ring HET11050


Round Brilliant & Baguette Cut HET2178


Eternity Ring GE1260


Eternity rings often complete the collection of the primary rings that many people hold dear to their heart. These rings are of course engagement rings, wedding rings and eternity rings. These rings are usually purchased to mark a serious milestone in a relationship, this can be either romantic or platonic. You make be welcoming your first child or celebrating a wedding anniversary, you may also be wondering if an eternity ring is a right choice.

Eternity rings are purchased for many different reasons and their importance varies, at Voltaire, we believe that only the best quality in terms of style and materials should be used. This means your collection maintains its grandeur and importance. Learn more about Voltaire selection of rings, our services and the styles, materials and designs which go into each piece.


Classic rings types fall under the umbrella of the many designs that you have seen here.

  • Traditional engagement rings typically contain a central diamond and are often the focus of a collection of wedding and engagement rings.
  • Diamond Wedding rings will often contain channel set diamonds which are much smaller as to not overshadow the engagement ring. Men typically prefer solid metal pieces such as yellow or white gold.
  • While Eternity rings can be either solid precious metal or contain precious stones, for both men and women. 

Voltaire is happy to offer our customers the option of creating a bespoke ring in conjunction with our expert craftsmen. Our Dublin jewellery office is home to both experts in our collections and craftsmen.

Should you wish to create a bespoke piece, we can discuss the various aspects of your ring from the metal included, to the size and fit of your ring, the number and style of diamonds and how they are a set.


Whether you are looking for a classic diamond eternity ring, a solid metal ring or a gemstone ring Voltaire understand that for different occasions and people, these rings can mean many things. Our customers most often purchase eternity rings to celebrate anniversaries, commemorate special occasions or simply as an act of love. Depending on the importance of the ring the price of such pieces can vary to the inclusion of diamonds and specific design etc. We have supplied diamond rings for friends, coloured gemstone for retirements and emerald eternity rings for valentine’s day. The date and reason you buy an eternity ring are not important to us, you have chosen this special day for a reason, Voltaire diamonds are here to help you choose the ring that means the most to your and the recipient. If you are considering purchasing one of our rings, talk to one of our specialists who can help you decide which style is best for you.


Eternity rings are believed to have been in existence for a far greater time than wedding or engagement rings. This is because they are not used for a specific occasion but to highlight importance and love between those receiving and giving an eternity band. With records dating back to the Egyptians, eternity rings have from then until now come in the form of solid rings or have been embedded with diamonds. A style that we specialise in, here at Voltaire. The diamonds and precious stones are chosen often to symbolise, unity, love and appreciation to the recipient. Stones and diamonds can be chosen to match the styles and character of the individual or to highlight a special period in your life.


Diamonds set within eternity rings have grown in popularity just as it has in most jewellery throughout the world. This is due mainly to how they add to the beauty of many stunning collections. Although often worn between the wedding and engagement bands, there are no main rules to how they are worn. A recipient may wear their band on either hand, place the ring in a special location or wear it around their neck. This is the beauty of the eternity ring its function and purpose can vary from the wearer to the recipient.


Diamonds are the most popular choice for all important rings due to their beauty, uniqueness, design and colouration. An endurance that can also represent your love to the recipient. If you have bought a diamond engagement or wedding ring you will understand the importance of the diamond cuts, size and shape. For eternity rings there are several staple cuts that are prominent and popular.

  • Round brilliant diamonds are commonly found in eternity rings. The most popular of diamond shapes, round brilliant stones provide the amplest light refraction. Often a centrepiece of engagement rings, round brilliants are set within wedding and eternity rings.
  • Princess cut diamonds have a square shape. These are used in diamond eternity rings because they can be set close together, forming an almost seamless band of brilliant light across the finger. Ideal for those who love the sparkle of the diamond but wish for a more conservative look.
  • Baguette diamond eternity rings can also contain brilliant round diamonds for a band with the vintage-inspired appeal. The Baguette cut is one of the most popular here at Voltaire and one we often recommend to our customers.

We recommend with all our clients that you should look for harmony within your choices, that being, the diamond cuts and precious metals should often be the same throughout your choices. It adds beauty and connection between the rings. Of course, this may not always be possible, but there are other options that up you can choose from. Ireland is home to many famous gemstones, and these can of course be used in the place of other stones.


For those who wish to change things regarding ring collections, that we can also suggest choosing gemstones as a perfect alternative. Following a diamond engagement ring and a solid yellow gold wedding rings, gemstones are a great alternative. Specials stones highlighting important events, birthstones or other precious stone can be set into beautiful rings providing an alternative look. Our Dublin based craftsmen can style your rings with beautiful precious stones making your ring entirely unique to you. Individually crafted jewellery is just one more way of putting your unique touch on your or a significant other jewellery collection. The most common gemstones in eternity rings are rubies, sapphires and emeralds. These are the three most precious gemstones and are harder than other gems, meaning that they are suitable for everyday wear. Gemstones are a great alternative, while diamonds are incredibly beautiful and we have dedicated our craft to them, they may simply not be to an individual’s taste, you make be looking for a new look and an item that can work with specific outfits. This is the beauty of gemstone alternatives.


The price of any ring you choose depends on several factors, pone of these is, of course, the metals you choose for your rings. To help you make more informed decisions, Voltaire has taken an in-depth look at some of the metals that are present within our rings. The type you choose should match that of the wearer already or be quite close. The contrast between precious is quite large so if you know the styles that they prefer before searching you will save yourself a lot of stress. For more information on the carat and other important factors, you can look at our other pages.

Yellow gold rings

A yellow gold eternity ring is a traditional option. Yellow gold is a great setting for diamonds, a great choice for those who prefer a more traditional look. The carat of the rings is the main factor which will affect the price. 

Platinum rings

A more luxurious choice, platinum is a favourite among our customers, whether channel set or combined with further options platinum rings look and feel durable. Browse through pour selection and we are sure you will be convinced about the beauty and importance of platinum.

White gold rings

Created by combining yellow gold and a silver alloy, white gold remains a firm favourite around the world. Combined metals are continually growing and changing in popularity. For example, rose gold is also quite popular among our customers. Combined metals are a beautiful way to provide an alternative look while maintaining a beautiful channel or prominent diamonds sets.


Wedding, engagement and eternity rings all have special symbolic meanings. Voltaire diamond has expertise in diamonds and precious metals. This allows us to offer our customers a bespoke private service when choosing particular jewellery. We specialise in rings and our focus has allowed us to provide our customers with beautiful choices for decades. Eternity rings hold a special place as they are customisable, can be purchased for both friends and partners and hold a different meaning to different people.  At Voltaire we are happy to provide our customers with our expertise, knowledge, suggestions for specific occasions and experts craftsmen, should you wish to commission and bespoke piece. This is all conducted at our Dublin offices in Ireland. Our central location is ideal for our customers.  Specializing in diamonds for over 20 years, Voltaire help you choose the ring of your dreams, items which will last forever and hold a special place in your heart and eyes.


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