How Unique is the Symbol of Your Love?

Some may wear their hearts on their sleeves, but most of us could be seen to express details our lives through our hands. The truths we tell with our hands are unique projections of our personal realities, expressing our personalities, status, love, family life. We are story tellers, gestures, nail care and jewellery denote an array of details open for observation. Wedding rings are probably the most obvious display of our personal lives that we share outwardly.

Throughout history people have used rings as personal talismans to ward off evil, as status symbols and as symbols of commitment in both friendship and love. In ancient Egypt the circle was considered as a powerful symbol representing endlessness, eternal life and eternal love. The Egyptians wore rings to represent this made from woven materials like leather.

Wedding rings and wedding bands as we know them however, would have evolved most likely from Ancient Rome. The Romans were the first to have been noted to impose certain legal requirements to marriage including the wearing of wedding rings, from betrothal to the actual marriage ceremony. 

Our version of engagement rings, and wedding bands. A tradition combining romance, stature and bureaucracy. The ring finger, was chosen due to the vein of love “Vena Amoris” believed to run from the fourth finger leading directly to the heart. Traditions have continued through the ages fortifying wedding rings as an open symbol of commitment in love.

We may not offer ancient Egyptian style leather rings, but at Voltaire Diamonds we do have a beautiful selection of gold, platinum and diamond rings if you should choose to a display of your eternal love for another!

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