If size doesn’t matter, does shape?

With so many options these days for diamonds of all different characteristics to suit the pocket. Perhaps size and cost are no longer the predominant factors in choosing an engagement ring. Perhaps shape or cut of stone is a novel way to personalise this symbol of love. Through the outlook of how well you know your partners style and preference. Stepping away from Olde traditions of how “big a rock is”, what shape of diamond could be a winner? Here are some popular choices.

Marquise is a beautiful ethereal cut with sparkling delight in its elegant eye shape, any self-professing fairy princess or folklore fans might adore this alternative cut. The princess cut, timeless, square, sharp edged. Contemporary yet classic, with all the facets or more of a round brilliant cut diamond offering the same dynamic sparkle.

Pear shaped diamonds, I would go ahead and consider them boho chic, the yoga lovers choice. Luxurious yet organic, with the addition of a halo surround and diamond set band, striking. 

Last on this list but certainly not least, the oval. Such a beautiful, simple perfect shape. For those who retain a little mystery yet exemplify natural elegance and sophistication. 

  Keep your imagination flowing and go with your heart.

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