Pretty and pink. Oh yes please.

Call me a girlie girl I’ll happily accept, if you’re gifting me a morganite.

This precious pink gemstone, named after banker JP Morganite is a Beryl.

This is the same family of gemstone as emeralds and aquamarines.

Its hues vary from soft pinks, champagne to peaches and browns. 

Set on rose gold, add a few diamonds and you’ve got yourself on spectacular ring. 

There is a colour variant to suit every skin tone.

Like a dew drop from a rose it sparkles gloriously reflecting its floaty romantic colour tones. It’s elegant, subtle yet striking. 

Not as hard as a diamond though, so to be treated as a piece of fine jewellery should, with love and care. 

Rose cut, cushion cut, oval and round, bezel set or halo, morganite can and will be found! 

Morganite we love you, and we bet you do too. 

Check out our Instagram for a sneaky peak of some of our beauties. 

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