What are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

Essentially, they are just white diamonds with many black and white inclusions. 

This gives a grey multi-tonal speckled effect, hence the name.

They can be really rather pretty, and quite a lovely choice of diamond for people who enjoy different coloured gemstones.

Another positive attribute to be mentioned about salt and pepper diamonds is that because of the heavy inclusions they are generally less expensive than a high quality white diamond. Unique, and cost effective. Win, win perhaps?

It can be great fun playing around with the idea of a deliberately imperfect stone. Finding beauty in what once might have been disregarded for an engagement ring

The stylish and refined pieces of jewellery now created with fabulous salt and pepper diamonds are truly one of a kind in appearance. 

No two stones would be the same in any natural gemstone, but this becomes more evident when looking at highly included gems. Personally, I love the soft muted grey tones with little hints of sparkle. Like a little galactic universe held within a stone, I find salt and pepper diamonds utterly alluring. 

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