Top Diamonds Shapes when Choosing an Engagement Ring

The shape of the Diamond you choose is such a personal choice, but it should always reflect your own needs and style, But what Diamond Shape is best? In short, every Different Shape Diamond has their own exclusive features, and it comes down to matching it to your own taste. A perfectly shaped diamond is truly a work of art, and we at Voltaire always strive to assist you in making that important choice.

The shape of a Diamond, goes hand in hand with the cutting of the stone, and three key elements will show the shape of your chosen stone for its unique rarity and beauty. Firstly, there is the fire which is what you will see as flashes of colour that come from any beautifully shaped and cut stone, secondly there is the Scintillation, which is what happens when you move your Diamond around and the sparkling play of light comes from it, and then the brightness, which is the pure bright white light coming from within your Diamond.

A Diamond that is well shaped and proportioned, will always reflect the greatest amount of light possible, and will greatly enhance its value and overall beauty.

The most popular styles of shapes are:

er 1032 solitaire twist2

Round shape

– the classic and very popular version is the round brilliant, having 58 facets which are positioned so light will create the maximum sparkle in this shape.

ER 1018 princess side

Square shaped (princess)

– the princess shape is usually square however there are versions available that are rectangular.

ER 1408-oval solitaire crossover pave shoulders

Oval shaped

– similar to the round shaped, it is a good choice for a more unique look, the elongated shape creates the illusion of greater size and the shape makes the finger, if worn as a ring appear longer and slimmer.


Emerald (square or rectangular)

– the Emerald cut diamond shape is created by the step cuts within and its large open table, and instead of a flashing sparkle, the Emerald shape produces a hall of mirrors effect.

Harry Winston 'The One' Style Cushion Cut Scallop Set Halo Engagement Ring ER 1997

Cushion Shape

– this is a combination of the square cut with rounded corners which created a shape similar to a pillow, or cushion.

ER 1349 - marquise solitaire scallop

Marquise (Boat Shaped)

– this shape is long and narrow and can create the illusion of much bigger size, a flattering shape for most fingers when used in a ring

Numerous other cuts are available, and be it classic, simplistic, fancy or modern, any diamond selected for you by Voltaire Diamonds will only ever show ideal shape and be cut perfectly to correct proportions, as we always bring only the very best to our clients.

Whatever shape diamond you decide on, we at Voltaire are happy to talk you through all shapes and options available, so you will get the perfect Diamond to suit you.

Contact us to make an appointment and let us show you our range of different cuts, and suitable settings for them, and assist in finding your perfect Diamond piece.

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