Side stones – What are your options?

Written by Rachael Fagan

Today’s couples are always looking for a way to make their engagement rings unique. Three stone rings give modern day couples the perfect opportunity to select a classic style but add their very own twist by selecting a personalised combination of diamonds. Whatever centre stone you choose, there is a wide selection of side stones available to choose from to create the perfect ring for you and your partner. Here are a few of our favourites options that look beautiful with any centre stone.

Round – the most popular and classic choice, round side stones are usually paired alongside a round centre stone. However, they can be combined with any shape of centre stone to create a beautiful ring. Oval, emerald and marquise cuts are some of the diamond shapes that we have found to look stunning with round side stones.

Pear – pear side stones have quickly become one of the leading choices in side stone in the past few years. The look amazing with any shape of centre stone and really balance out the look of your engagement ring. Usually placed on your ring with their points connecting to the band, pear shaped diamonds beautifully elongate the look of your ring.

Trillion – a popular pairing for a marquise centre stone, trillions can add stunning and unusual dimensions to your three stone ring. Their three-point look adds a distinct and unique elegance to any engagement ring.

Baguette – another stone that can elongate the look of your ring, baguette cut side stones add a subtle, vintage feel to your engagement ring. Theses stones come in a range of lengths and widths and can be set both vertically or horizontally, allowing you to personalise your ring down to the last detail.

These are only a few examples of the many options you have to choose from for your three stone rings. The size of the side stones chosen can also have a massive impact on the overall style of the ring. Also keep in mind that there are many gem stones to choose from also, whether it be for the centre or side stones of your engagement ring. Sapphires, rubies and opals are all beautiful to combine with diamonds and will further add to your rings individuality. Our consultants are always available by email or phone to discuss these options and any questions you may have . We would be delighted to have you in for a consultation where we can show you the many options we have to offer. If you would like to book in, you can email us at or call us on (01) 677 8449.

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