Help – A diamond has come out of my ring!

Written by Rachel Thomas

There are many reasons why a diamond could fall out of your engagement ring [view here] or other piece of fine jewellery. The main reason is due to the simplest explanation; stones fall out of rings due to daily wear and tear.

Think of it this way: if you buy a brand-new car and scrape the kerb while driving it, some damage is going to occur. This doesn’t mean that the car was poorly constructed; it’s just inevitable that it’s going to suffer wear and tear, especially if you drive it every day.

Similarly, diamonds and metal aren’t indestructible. Your rings are receive some impacts, no matter how careful we are. We’re constantly knocking our hands against things: keyboards, doorknobs, walls, desks, car doors, etc. Daily use is bound to cause some wear and tear on your ring, which is why annual servicing for your jewellery is critical.

To use the car analogy again: if you never changed the oil or got it serviced, the car is bound to start running a little ragged, especially if you drive it every day.

This is why we offer all of our engagement ring clients a complimentary servicing that includes cleaning, polishing, prong tightening etc. Even though our rings are of exceptional quality, they’re not indestructible. After the initial complimentary servicing, the fee for this is nominal. It is currently €50 (subject to change).

We also have clients who bend their rings due to carrying excessive weight in their shopping bags. Putting 40 – 50 pounds of weight on your ring from heavy grocery bags is one of the most common reasons rings get damaged. Again, as with the car analogy, no car is going to run as good as new if the owner is off-roading it every weekend. Save your ring and make two trips to get your groceries.

On occasion there are manufacturer defects that cause diamonds to fall out of rings. Porosity, tiny little air holes in the metal, can occur very rarely. If we find that a ring has porosity there will be no fee to the client for any repair/replacement.

Ok – these are some pretty good reasons as to why a diamond might have fallen out of my ring. What do I do now?

As a Voltaire Diamonds client, just call us or email us. We’ll organise a suitable time for you to drop in to us with the ring. Even if your repair isn’t covered by our warranty, don’t worry about it. We promise most repairs are not terribly expensive and can be done in a reasonable amount of time (typically 2-3 working days). We’ll also service the ring for you, meaning we’ll give it a good cleaning, polishing, prong tightening etc.

What if I’m not a Voltaire Diamonds client?

Check with the company who sold you your ring and see what they can do to assist you.

Can Voltaire Diamonds repair my ring?

Our workshops only service and repair rings made by Voltaire Diamonds.

How do I prevent diamonds from falling out of my ring?

They say prevention is the best medicine and the same is true with fine jewellery as well. Be sure you get your ring serviced annually. Have your jeweller look at the ring at least once a year. Make sure you have adequately insured your ring and keep on top of re-valuations.

Common sense really needs to be applied when it comes to looking after your precious jewellery. Some top tips would include:

  • Don’t pull your ring on and off by gripping the head of the ring. Avoid touching the diamond with your fingers. This only serves to make the stone dirty and may loosen it in the setting.
  • Remove your ring when swimming, doing housework or working out in the gym.
  • Contact us if you have any concerns at all about your ring. A little tune up now may save a lot of work later.

Can you hear if a stone is loose? Hold the ring up next to your ear and lightly tap it. Do you hear anything? If you hear anything other than the sounds of your fingertips tapping on the ring, you might have some loose stone. Immediately stop wearing the ring until you can get your jeweller to take a look.

What if you still take all the precautions possible and a stone still falls out?

This is like asking what happens if you drive a car what’s the likelihood of getting into a fender bender.  It’s not impossible for that to happen despite all the precautions that you take.

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