Meaning of Birthstones (Part 1)


For a number of people (especially girls) your birthstone can be the first stone that you get as you grow up. It’s that first taste of something meaningful colourful in a piece of jewellery. There are a number of myths and legends about the origin of birthstones, it is thought that they were given as they were believed to have healing properties for the wearer, for example garnet was thought to aid heart blood and lungs whilst also promoting and sensuality, Amber was thought to relieve stress and be calming on the wearer and the list goes on.


January – Garnet

The name garnet comes from the Latin “Granatum” meaning seed and it got its name because of the similarities to the pomegranate seed. The gemstone can be traced back to 3100 BC it is believed that this stone signifies eternal friendship and trust and is a true friendship gift.


February – Amethyst

This particular birthstone can be traced back to the ancient Greeks who believed that it allowed the wearer to be clear headed. A common place to find these purple birthstones is Brazil. It is said that Amethyst can help to reduce insomnia, arthritis promote peace balance and be used in meditation.


March – Aquamarine

This is the first of five months to have more than one birthstones associated with them, the first is Aquamarine due to the name coming from the Latin aqua meaning water and marine meaning sea it is believed that this birthstone was used to protect sailors on their voyages. The cooler of this stone is said to make the wearer cooler and calm, and the colours range from light blue to light green tones



Bloodstone is a dark green with red flecks on the stone made up of Iron oxide. It is also known as the martyrs stones as history believed the red flecks in the birthstone came from those of Jesus Christ when drops of his blood fell on some jasper at the base of the cross. The healing powers of this stone were related to blood illnesses. This stone can normally be found in rocks or riverbeds mistaken as pebbles in Australia, India or Brazil.


April – Diamond

It is understandable to be slightly envious of those lucky people born in this month, who have yet another reason to increase their collection of diamonds. While these stones are exquisite in their style and amongst some of the most popular stones in the world, they are not without their healing properties alongside their fellow birthstones. It was believed that if the wearer took a diamond to bed it would draw out the toxins from their body curing their ailments and boosting their energy. At Voltaire Diamonds we have the perfect diamonds for your April birthstone needs.


May – Emerald

The name Emerald comes from the Greek word smaragdus meaning “ Green ”. It dates back as early as 330 BC where it was first mined in Egypt. It was believed to grant the wearer youth and good fortune.

Missing your birthstone in this piece? Check back for part two to find out all about your special stone.


Rachel Byrne

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