Happily Ever After this Christmas

A lot has changed in recent times relating to the principles, or fantasy of happily ever after.

Old fantasy:

Princess locked in castle tower, waits to be rescued by Prince who slays evil dragon. They live happily ever after, with pets and local wildlife helping with the chores signing a happy melody.

New fantasy:

Princess & Prince cohabiting in castle, befriend misunderstood orphaned dragon and open an ecotourism centre. Both Prince and Princess doing equal share of the housework, no fairies as slaves, no dog polishing the floor.

I like the idea of equality in the home these days with us girls and boys growing up doing our share of the housework. However, I do feel there seems to be some misunderstanding filtering through regarding our pets.

They now get equal rights to quality food & take up half the bed, but no share of the cleaning?!
That is of course, apart from clearing up of half eaten sandwiches, and the disposing of items deemed abandoned on bedside tables.

Alas, if your cat or dog does happen to eat an unsuspecting item of jewellery, please don’t wait to see if it passes through, call the vet for council.
We would recommend cleaning diamond jewellery with a soft tooth brush instead.

Chocolate under the Christmas tree? Theobromine is an ingredient in chocolate poisonous to dogs, if your dog gets his paws on any, it’s time to high tale it to the vet.

Voltaire would like to advise all animal lovers to stay safe this Christmas and leave all chocolate and jewels out of snuffles reach. A fur baby is not just for Christmas.

For all other happily ever after needs involving proposals, diamonds and rings we are here happy to help pave the way towards your happily ever after.

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