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Meaning of Birthstones (Part 2)

In the first part of our birthstones piece we covered off January to May, missed it? Not to worry just click here to find all about them. June – Pearl, Alexandrite, Moonstone This is the first month that gives a choice of not one, not two but three different birthstones for the lucky wearers....

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Meaning of Birthstones (Part 1)

For a number of people (especially girls) your birthstone can be the first stone that you get as you grow up. It’s that first taste of something meaningful colourful in a piece of jewellery. There are a number of myths and legends about the origin of birthstones, it is thought that they were given...

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Worlds most famous coloured gemstones

What is a gemstone? Have you ever been digging about your back garden and thought I wonder if I could find some precious stone amongst the rocks and dirt, well it might be good to firstly know what to look for! Gemstones can be defined as a precious or semi-precious stone. They are usually one [&hel...

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Will Wedding Ring tattoos grow in popularity?

In my travels recently I have noticed some married couples with identical tattoos on their wedding fingers. Now maybe I am having my coffees close to tattoo parlours or is this a growing trend? Is this something you would consider? I guess the obvious question is always going to be is “What ha...

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The Ultimate Guide To Buying The Perfect Ring

A lot of couples visit Voltaire Diamonds to choose an engagement ring together. However, there are many gentlemen who prefer the more traditional approach of a surprise proposal with a ring that they have specially picked out. What happens when you look to make your selection and every ring looks li...

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Starbucks no longer allow employees to wear jewellery.

Starbucks’ new dress code policy, which bans engagement rings and other jewelry with stones, has landed the coffee giant in hot water with many employees. Bear in mind, every time you remove an item of jewellery it is an opportunity to lose it, so if you are a Starbucks employee be very careful wh...

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In North Korea women prefer mobile phones to engagement rings

Despite living under one of the most oppressive regimes in the world, people in North Korea are just like us: when they get engaged, they want a ring. On the phone, that is. According to The Guardian, mobile phones are an increasingly popular engagement gift in North Korea....

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Napoleon and Josephines engagement ring2.
It started with a Yes… the history of engagement rings

It started with an answer, YES! Engagements have been around for as long as people can remember and in particular that sparkling engagement ring on a person’s finger. Where did this tradition of engagement rings come from? The idea of a “period of engagement” was introduced in the Middle Ages ...

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vintage engagement rings
Vintage Engagement Rings

Everyone is different and has different ideas of the perfect engagement ring. It is an unimaginably significant purchase after all- with one little piece of jewellery you are giving someone all your love, and your whole heart....

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Top Diamond Shapes1
Top Diamonds Shapes when Choosing an Engagement Ring

The shape of the Diamond you choose is such a personal choice, but it should always reflect your own needs and style, But what Diamond Shape is best? In short, every Different Shape Diamond has their own exclusive features, and it comes down to matching it to your own taste. A perfectly shaped diamo...

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cancer awernes competition
Breast Cancer Awareness Competition

Just guess Number of Diamonds in the Glass and be in with a chance to win €1,000 stud earrings and help us donate €2,000 to the Marie Keating Foundation. Happy Guessing!...

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woman with style

Voltaire Diamonds Featured in Business Plus magazine Friday, February 1, 2013 Click here to read the article >> Business and Leadership Magazine feature Voltaire Diamonds Friday, December 21, 2012 Click here to read the article >> Silicon Republic – Voltaire Diamonds Using Facebook...

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