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If size doesn’t matter, does shape?

With so many options these days for diamonds of all different characteristics to suit the pocket. Perhaps size and cost are no longer the predominant factors in choosing an engagement ring. Perhaps shape or cut of stone is a novel way to personalise this symbol of love. Through the outlook of how w...

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Cultured Diamond 2
A Cultured Diamond?

Let’s be honest, Lab grown diamonds have a terrible name. One that implies they are synthetic mass produced fake diamonds. However, a lab diamond is a diamond, just by no means grown over the course of time deep within the earth’s mantle. For many people this might be a predominant facto...

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Happily Ever After this Christmas

A lot has changed in recent times relating to the principles, or fantasy of happily ever after. Old fantasy: Princess locked in castle tower, waits to be rescued by Prince who slays evil dragon. They live happily ever after, with pets and local wildlife helping with the chores signing a happy melody...

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juicy gemstones

Leaves are becoming beautiful shades of rust floating off trees around us. Cashmere woollens in tones of peach to burnt orange are appearing, calling to us in from shop windows. Autumn is here, crackling fires and the sense of excitement of Halloween is in the air. The natural progression of changin...

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tennis bracelets
Mother May I? Yes, You May!

What on earth to gift a mother in law who has everything? Why a tennis bracelet of course! Even if she already has a stack on her wrist another one will only compliment the look. Let’s be honest, diamonds really are a girls best friend. They last forever and greet you with a sparkle to […]...

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Orlov black diamond
Considering a Carbonado?

Although also quite appealing no, I don’t mean a carbonara. Carbonado diamonds, aka black diamonds are the toughest of all, natural diamonds. The dark, metallic grey to black lustre from these stones have an intriguing allure of their own, quite different to the fire, sparkle, and translucency of ...

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pear shaped diamond engagement ring
Pear cut diamonds

What is not to love about a pear cut diamond? Pretty, elegant and timeless, pear cut stones have been employed in jewellery over many years. Pear cut diamonds make for popular engagement rings. Victoria Beckham, Anna Kournikova and Katherine Heigl all sport pear cut diamond rings. Below we outline o...

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Top 5 Romantic Proposal Destinations in Ireland
Top 5 Romantic Proposal Destinations in Ireland

Ireland offers some of the most outstanding locations to ask someone’s hand in marriage. From stunningly wild and rural locations to luxurious historic castles, there are endless choices on offer. Here we detail our top Five locations for the perfect proposal in the Emerald Isle. Gougane Barra, We...

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Gent’s Wedding Rings

Discover our carefully selected range of men’s wedding rings. Our handcrafted collection of men’s wedding bands comprises both diamond set and plain metal bands in a wide variety of shapes and styles. Whether you are looking for platinum, palladium or different alloys of gold, we have someth...

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lab grown diamond engagement rings
Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds are Forever but what about Lab Diamonds? Lab-grown diamonds have seen a huge surge in popularity over the past decade. Physically, chemically and aesthetically they are the same as Earth-mined diamonds. Today, lab grown diamonds account for 1-2% of the diamond jewellery industry as a whole....

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Demystifying Gemstone Durability

Here at Voltaire Diamonds we hear lots about gemstone durability on a daily basis, much of which is incorrect and or subject to rumour. Here we look at the basics of gemstone durability and debunk some common myths. Gemstone durability can be defined as a stone’s ability to withstand wear, heat, l...

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art deco engagement rings
Art Deco Style Engagement Rings

Perfect symmetry, clean lines, geometric shapes and striking gemstones are all hallmarks of Art Deco inspired jewellery. At Voltaire diamonds we are lucky to have a vast selection of Art Deco style engagement rings [1]. Here we look at some of the characteristic features of Art Deco [2]design and de...

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