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Some Tips On Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring is a very important event for many of us, and quite often it can become a stressful event too. Engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes and for all tastes. And it makes it even more difficult to pick that very special one among such wide range of rings. As they [&hell...

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Think Twice Before Buying Diamonds Abroad

Choosing and buying an engagement ring is a wonderful experience, but it can also be a stressful event for most. Thus, one of the first questions that arises when the time comes to think about engagement, is where to buy the ring in order to get the best deal – locally in Ireland or UK, or [&...

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Diamond Clarity Chart
Clarity Of A Diamond

Last time we talked about cut and colour of a diamond. Today we are going to find out why clarity is so important for diamond evaluation. There are two main categories of clarity characteristics – inclusions and blemishes. The fewer the clarity characteristics, the rarer and more valuable the ...

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Diamonds and 4 Cs Plus One More

So, you decided to buy a diamond or a diamond engagement ring for your loved one. Great! Diamond is an investment. And when you invest your money in something, you want to do it wisely. So, how do you know that the diamond you want to buy is a good one? Here is the answer […]...

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How To Check If The Diamond Is Real

Identification of authenticity of diamonds is the work for experts. If you don’t own specialized equipment and gemmological knowledge, it is better not to risk. Today, with all the technological advances, it is almost impossible to tell a fake diamond just from looking at it. And there are really ...

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Clean Your Gems and Diamonds
Cleaning and Maintaining That Wedding Ring

As we all know diamonds are very expensive and unique stones and deserve special care and attention. Therefore, here are some tips on how to look after your engagement and wedding ring or any other diamond jewellery. Needless to say diamond jewellery should never be worn whilst participating in any ...

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Voltaire Diamonds launches online showcase

Irish Independent (Thursday August 06 2009) Voltaire Diamonds the Irish owned diamond and precious gemstone jewellery company has recently launched its new website, www.voltairediamonds.ie. Showcasing the products online has enabled the firm to embark on a competitive pricing strategy offering custo...

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