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Another wonderful proposal story that will melt your heart <3

Cormac & Luis

Cormac & Luis met in London but recently settled down in Ireland.

I got a great relocation package with my company and moved back to Ireland at the start of this year. Luis and I have been together for 3 years and I have wanted to propose to him ever since moving back home. Hailing from Galway, I naturally wanted to propose there as Luis is a lover of the great outdoors. On the plus side, I knew that Luis wouldn’t suspect anything on a trip to Galway so he was completely taken by surprise. We have a dog that we both adore and I managed to find a way of sneaking our beloved terrier ‘Bingo’ into the proposal. I wanted the setting to be a bit wow too, so I decided that the rugged landscape of the Aran islands would be fitting. There is a beautiful wild beach there called Inis Oirr and this seemed like the perfect location for an evening stroll. A few weeks previously I had bought a new collar for Bingo and I decided to attach the ring to it. I simply asked him to put the new collar on and when he noticed the ring he just exclaimed yes! It was such a happy moment that we will remember forever.

Luis: ‘It was a magical moment! I actually had thought about proposing to Cormac in a similar fashion so you could say that he pipped me to the post. Bringing Bingo into it really was super special and a moment that we will both never forget. I couldn’t have asked for a more special moment’.

You can see Cormac & Luis’s eternity band style engagement ring  here!

Proposing in Galway?

Looking for some inspiration for proposing in Galway?

Engagement Rings Galway

Kylemore Abbey

Often referred to as Ireland’s most romantic Castle, Kylemore Abbey is located in Connemara, Co. Galway and is the number one tourist attraction in the West of Ireland.

This stunning Abbey has been home to the Benedictine nuns since 1920. Within easy access from Galway or Mayo, Kylemore Abbey & its wonderous Victorian Walled Garden makes for a very romantic setting for the perfect proposal. Complete with woodland walks, garden tours and stunning lake shore walks, this setting has something delightful to offer everyone. Why not top off the proposal with handmade delights in the tea rooms, including award winning chocolates handmade by the Benedictine nuns themselves.

Connemara National Park

Covering an impressive 2,957 hectares of scenic mountains, expanses of bogs, heaths, grasslands and woodlands, Connemara National Park is sure to have the perfect spot for you to propose. Home to some of the country’s finest walks and hiking paths, each trail offers a different vista. Don’t forget to look out for some of the varied wildlife, from kestrels and sparrowhawks to a herd of pure-bred Connemara Ponies.


Why not harness on the history of one of Ireland’s most famous rings? Claddagh is famous worldwide for the Claddagh Ring which is worn by people all over the world to symbolise love, friendship and loyalty. Why not incorporate this into your proposal? Nowadays the Claddagh is popular with tourists from around the world who come to see the bay and the unique environs of the Claddagh.

Do it Your Own Way!

Remember that an engagement is all about your own unique love story and taking the next step, so do what feels right for you! Plan a proposal that you know will mean so much to you both, for years to come!

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