Some Tips On Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring


Buying an engagement ring is a very important event for many of us, and quite often it can become a stressful event too.

Engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes and for all tastes. And it makes it even more difficult to pick that very special one among such wide range of rings. As they say “No choice is bad, too much choice is even worse”

Many couples today buy the ring together. It insures that the bride-to-be gets the ring she’ll enjoy wearing all her life and the man won’t get too stressed out while proposing. But what about the romance and excitement the woman gets when she sees that beautiful little box presented by her boyfriend and she can only guess what’s inside?! So, I decided to suggest some tips on how to choose the perfect engagement ring for those men who still believe in romance and choose to do some work and find that unique engagement ring for their fiancée.

1. Pay attention to what kind of jewellery she likes, and what kind of jewellery she wears daily – classic, contemporary or vintage. Does she prefer white gold or platinum? What kind of gemstones does she like? Most women prefer diamond engagement rings, but some don’t. Some women like something different like emeralds, sapphires or rubies.

2. Listen to her! Sometimes women point out jewellery they like while looking through magazines or passing by the shop windows. Or may be one of her friend’s recently got engaged and she mentioned if she liked or didn’t like her friend’s ring. Go shopping together and find a reason to stop at the jewellery shop, say you are looking for a present for your family member, and make sure you stop by the engagement rings counter.

3. Sometimes it is also a good idea to ask her female friends or relatives about her taste. But do ask them to assure the vow of silence!

4. Think about what ring will look better on her hands. Diamonds that have cuts with more surface area are better for women with long fingers. Bold ring styles also look good on longer hands. A round diamond is the number one shape chosen by brides and it also works well for large fingers as well as Princess Cut and Emerald Cut. It can be a good idea to choose Marquise Cut Diamondor Oval Cut Diamond for someone who has short fingers, because these shapes tend to elongate hands. Ring setting is very important too. Delicate settings would look nice and sophisticated on long fingers, whereas a thicker band would make the ring look more flattering on larger hands.

5. Consider her ring size! This is one of the most difficult things in the process of buying engagement ring. Not all rings with stones (especially when there’re stones around the band) can be resized. The best idea would be to ask her friend or family member to help you to find out the size. You can consider yourself lucky if your fiancée wears rings on the fourth finger of either hand, then you can measure it on the inner part with the stripe of paper and bring it to the jeweller. If neither of these is possible, make sure you buy the ring that can be resized.

6. Work your imagination! Your girlfriend will be flattered if you give her unique engagement ring. You can tell Voltaire Diamonds what you have in mind and we will help you to find or create that perfect engagement ring.

7. Consider a Loose Diamond. If you know what diamond shape your girlfriend likes, buy a loose diamond. Then, after popping the big question you can shop together for the perfect setting. But whether you are buying a loose diamond or a diamond engagement ring, make sure the diamond comes with a GIA or HRD certificate. Voltaire Diamonds are there to help you with the whole process and advise.

So, as you see, there are many points to consider while buying the perfect engagement ring for your loved one, but the result and the feeling of happiness at the very important moment of your lives is definitely worth the hassle!

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