When Should you Remove Your Engagement Ring?

Even though the safest place to keep your Engagement Ring safe is on your finger there are times when you should remove it.

1) Playing Sports / In the Gym

If you are involved in team sports where there is physical contact remember to take your ring off, there will be collisions that may just result in a sharp knock to your ring and could loosen the diamond. This also goes for workouts in the Gym, lifting weights etc can result in the physical metal losing shape.

2) Household Work

General housework and cleaning can easily cause damage to your engagement ring. The probability of you knocking your ring off a hard surface such as a kitchen countertop are high. Cleaning products can also remove rhodium coating from white gold rings.

3) WaterSports

Swimming and all other water sports are high risk if you are wearing your engagement ring. Cold water will shrink your finger size slightly and may result in your ring falling off your finger without you even noticing. Chlorine in swimming pools can also damage the metals.

4) MakeUp and Moisturisers

Applying lotions, creams, make up etc are all a no no if you are wearing your ring. These products will get lodged under the stone resulting in loss of sparkle and brilliance.

5) In Bed

If you have a claw set diamond, these claws can get caught on sheets and may loosen the centre stone. Check your centre once a week to make sure it is not loose.

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