Morganite Engagement Rings

While diamonds are still the most popular gemstone for engagement rings, other coloured gemstones including Morganite are becoming increasingly sought after. The soft pink hues of Morganite make it a subtle and noteworthy choice for an engagement ring.

Morganite Engagement Rings Dublin

Here at Voltaire Diamonds we are lucky to have a lovely selection of Morganite engagement rings in stock. Morganite may not be the most abundant gemstone, however we can source Morganite in a variety of hues, shapes and sizes.

Morganite Facts

  • Morganite was first discovered in 1910 on the island of Madagascar by George F. Kunz, a famous American gemmologist and buyer for Tiffany & Company.
  • Named after J.P. Morgan, the American banker, philanthropist and prolific gem collector, Morganite is one of the few gemstones to be named in honour of a gem collector.
  • Morganite is the rare pink form of beryl, a mineral family that includes well-known gems such as emerald and aquamarine.
  • Morganite has been found in a number of locations in the world, including Madagascar, Brazil, Mozambique, America, Namibia, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
  • Morganite displays an intense red-colored fluorescence when exposed to X-rays.
  • Untreated Morganite often has a strong orange color component, creating a salmon like colour.

More about Morganite

Morganite’s subtle colour is caused by traces of the chemical element manganese. Morganite is rarely found with very intense colour and typically the larger and longer crystals display the greatest saturation of colour, although these specimens are also very rare.

Tips for choosing the perfect Morganite engagement ring

Choosing the perfect Morganite ring for you is really all about trying on different styles and identifying the shape, colour and style you prefer best. That said, there are still a few tips below that we hope you find helpful.

  • Setting a Morganite in Rose gold will enhance the overall colour of the stone.
  • Identify the colour you like best. Morganite can be pink, purplish pink, or orangy pink and is often quite pale in tone. Once you discover the colour you like best, the jeweller can then source stones of this colour for you.
  • Select stronger colours of Morganite for diamond halo style rings. Remember that paler stones may be overwhelmed by surrounding diamonds.
  • Don’t worry about other people’s opinions. When you are making an unconventional choice, not everyone may agree with it. Always remember that it is your engagement ring and choose the style that you love the most.

See here for examples of our gorgeous Morganite rings!

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