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How to buy engagement ring from Voltaire Diamonds?

Where to buy?

Where can I buy engagement ring in Dublin [view]? This should not be a question that you must ask, the answer should be obvious. To buy the perfect solitaire rings, you need jewellers that have quality designs and ideas, the highest quality stones, the right ring setting and expert knowledge to help you choose the perfect ring.

Voltaire Diamonds provide a service that has you at its core. You and your partner should have the ring of your dreams, that special ring that will be added to your jewellery collection and cherished forever. We provide traditional stone settings, and you can also work with our design team on bespoke designs. We can help you choose the rose or white gold setting for your ring, or any other style and metal that you prefer. 

You may have some questions about your diamond ring, how to choose the right ring and the cost. Voltaire will answer all your questions, so you are informed and prepared when you come into our store. We offer privacy, confidentiality and the most pleasant Dublin jewellery setting allowing you to pick and choose the ring of you and your partners dreams.

How much should I spend on a ring?

The cost of an engagement ring and what you choose to spend depends on many factors. From the carat size to the design and metals you choose.

Voltaire offers a wide variety of stone cuts and ring settings that will meet your desires. Diamond rings and gold bands can be replaced with coloured gemstones should you choose an alternative approach.

They are just as beautiful and symbolise the same important connection between you and your partner. 

Read on to gain an insight into our selection and the offerings we can provide you.

The process of choosing a ring at Voltaire

Voltaire offers a premier Dublin jewellers appointment service to our prospective clients it gives you the utmost privacy and timing when choosing your rings. You will be in direct contact with our expert team who can provide in-depth knowledge of the history of the diamonds and rings that you choose.

Perhaps you would like to have a unique handcrafted diamond ring, and this can be arranged with our highly trained and professional craftsmen. They can create a ring unique to you.

Finding the right ring in Dublin should be an enjoyable experience, at Voltaire we do all that we can to ensure your time with us is the best it can be.

Below you will find information about the numerous diamond and styles, diamond cuts and the history of diamond rings.

Diamond Rings Styles popular in Ireland

There are five popular engagement ring styles that we offer at Voltaire. These styles have been specifically chosen due to their popularity, the beauty of the styles, their seamless blend with other jewellery and of the customization that is possible with many of the styles.

Melee style: The melee diamond style comes with smaller diamonds or precious stones in the band and surround of the main diamond. These styles can be customized to add an extra glimmer, provide a traditional look and are a great way of adding heirlooms or other precious stones to an already amazing design.

Antique styles: Antique styles offer a way of looking into the past. They are a popular choice for those with an affinity for older styles that you may have seen, or which have been passed through the family. 

Multi-Stone style rings: Like the melee diamond style, multi-stone rings traditionally come in the form of the main centre diamond and two more precious stones or diamond on either side. It offers a wide range of sparkle across the whole finger. An ideal piece if you want to catch the shine and attention of a room.

Solitaire style rings: The traditional and all-important single stone diamond is for those with a particular style and look in mind, the diamond or gemstone can be clasped within claws or contain a split shoulder. Bands can be widened, but for the most part, the diamond is the centrepiece of the ring and it is a reason the diamond should be chosen wisely.

Coloured gemstones: Coloured gemstone rings have been increasing in fashion over the years, although colourless diamond rings are still the most sought after. Should your significant other want something less traditional and more colourful we offer a variety of stones and settings to make an impression and offer an alternative to traditional tastes.

What to look for in your diamonds

Diamond cut 

The cut is one of the most important aspects of your ring and can make a huge difference in its look and feel. Cuts allow for a particle sparkle and design to flourish.

Our diamonds are cut and polished to perfection across all our ring ranges and those that are for personal tastes.

Cuts refract light differently. You will see examples of the different diamond cuts below.

Diamond colour

Diamond quality is also seen through the colour of the diamond. Inflexions will be invisible to the naked eye, but with Voltaire, you will have a specialist on hand to show you the differences. This will give you a better understanding of the diamond you have chosen.

The rarest diamonds appear colourless (white) or near colourless and are graded D to I. At Voltaire, we specialise in white diamonds with colours in the range D – I. Having only the finest quality diamonds allow us to provide our customers with the best, while you do not have to worry about the quality of your choice.

Clarity of your diamond

Inclusions are natural marks found on diamonds. They affect the shine of a diamond and therefore it’s grading. The grading is found by measuring the position, volume and colour of inclusions and how they affect the passage of light through the stone.  

Flawless diamonds are exceedingly rare. Most diamonds will have some inclusions, many microscopic to the naked eye. Should you wish to know about the inclusion of your diamond ring, be sure to ask out the professional team for assistance.

These marks can be the most accurate identifiers for your diamond ring.

Carat Weight of the diamod

A carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams and is the unit of weight for diamonds. The carat is the most price-sensitive part of a diamond as it refers to the mass and proportionate size. 

This will be the main factor contributing to the price of your chosen ring. It is important to have a size that you are happy with. It will allow us to provide you with the most exceptional rings in that category.

Popular Diamond cuts

The shape of your diamond can say a lot about your style. As we have looked at the shape of the rings and the importance of the 4 c’s, we must now look at the shape of the diamonds that can be set within your chosen ring.

Each diamond has a particular personality, they offer a shine and look that should match your own. There are three key components to the shape of your diamond:

  • The fire: which is what you will see as flashes of colour that come from a beautifully shaped and cut stone.
  • Scintillation: which is what happens when you move your Diamond around, it is the sparkling play of light.
  • The brightness: This is the pure bright light coming from within your Diamond.

Diamond cuts

  • Round: The most popular diamond shape, this diamond contains 58 facets to provide the greatest refraction of light.
  • Princess: The princess shape is traditionally square or rectangle.
  • Emerald: A popular ring in Ireland this contains wide cuts the hold the sparkle creating a mirror effect.
  • Ascher: Is a rounded shape which is ideal for those who love a more reserved look.
  • Marquise: A long and narrow boat-shaped piece, this provides the illusions of much bigger diamond and ring.
  • Oval: The oval shapes elongated design makes it appear larger than it is.
  • Radiant: The radiant cut is often seen as a combination of the emerald and round cut.
  • Pear: A pear-shaped ring will look almost like a traditional Claddagh ring to the untrained eye, but its beauty cannot be missed.
  • Heart: For the romantic, the traditional heart-shaped ring is for those who truly wish to highlight their love.
  • Cushion: A square cut with rounded shoulders, this cut gives the illusion of a cushion or pillow.

Each shape can be customised in our workshop to fit the ring you have chosen. All proportions are considered ensuring the best weight distribution, diamond quality and look.

The metal for your band

The final piece to consider when choosing your special ring is the metal it is made from. The most popular are of course White gold, Platinum, Rose and standard Gold. What are the differences between these metals?

Platinum bands/rings:

Platinum rings: Platinum is a naturally occurring metal and its density is what adds to its prices. A popular choice among men, platinum provides a beautiful, polished finish. 

White Gold Rings: To produce white gold, yellow gold is mixed with other alloys such as silver, nickel, palladium and zinc – making it paler and harder than pure gold. The final stunning silver is provided by a final plating of rhodium. 

Rose Gold rings: Rose gold is produced by combining copper and traditional gold, the higher the concentration of copper, the redder the band will appear. A continually growing popular choice, this may be a unique option for you.

Yellow Gold: Yellow gold rings in Ireland remain the most popular. Of course, gold is naturally occurring. 

The history and use of engagement rings

Voltaire provides our customers with the perfect Dublin jewellery setting to find the right ring. But have you ever wondered about the history of the precious item you are going to purchase?

The first Diamond engagement ring did not originate in a Dublin jeweller, but in Austria in 1477, however, the history of presenting your wife with a gift for marriage dates to the time of the Romans.

Expert marketing by the De Beers diamond company presented the impression the diamonds last forever, just like the love that they are the represent now.

Diamonds and engagement rings have since then maintained an important presence on our loved one’s fingers.

Jewellery Insurance

An Investment such as an diamond ring or other jewellery should come with protection. That is why Voltaire Diamonds are happy to offer optional insurance cover for our rings.

A simple method of protecting your important jewellery collection, our insurance offers added protection in a simplistic form:

  • A simple certificate with a minimum of exclusions.
  • Cover anywhere in Ireland plus up to 30 consecutive days elsewhere.
  • All items insured against physical loss or damage including theft and accidental loss.
  • Claims settlement exclusively by repair or replacement via Voltaire Diamonds (N.B. There is no cash settlement option)
  • Maximum any one item of jewellery €5000 reducing to €1500 for any-one watch.
  • The maximum amount of jewellery that can be insured per household €10,000.
  • No excess applied to losses (typical home insurance has a minimum €50 excess)

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