Engagement ring trends 2021

Engagement rings will always be a completely personal choice for every couple. Your ring should speak of your style and individuality. There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to picking your ring but here at Voltaire we have notices these styles gaining popularity and predict them to be the trends of 2021

Simple Solitaires

solitaire ring

A solitaire engagement ring [view] never dates and looks well on any hand. This style of diamond ring is a classic choice and has always been popular. However there are many different styles of setting to choose from. This year it is all about simplicity. A delicate, plain band with minimalistic features that accentuate the stone, has quickly become our most requested design. Elongated cushion and oval diamonds are also the stone of choice at the moment however round brilliant cut diamonds are still the most in demand.

East to West settings

East to west setting ring

East to west engagement rings are very popular with contemporary couples. Setting your diamond horizontally allows you to take a classic style and make it your own. Although most clients prefer a solitaire stone, this style is also beautiful when paired with side stones or a diamond band. Emerald is currently the favourite diamond shape for these rings but ovals are also a beautiful choice.

Bezel/Rub-over setting

Bezel/Rub-over setting is when your diamond is set within a custom made, thin metal rim. Although popular for pendants and earrings, this has not been the case for engagement rings in the past. This has changed dramatically in the last year and now more and more clients are requesting this style. It is a different, contemporary and clean style. One which many find suits their personal style well.

Art Deco/Vintage

For those brides who are looking to find something more unique that gives a loud statement, vintage and art deco style rings are the new go to. Either set with diamonds and/or coloured gem stones, these styles have come back with a bang. With intricate designs and details, there is so much to love about this style of ring.


Gone are the three stone rings [view] of the past and in their place are the modern rings of 2021. With each stone representing the past, present and future of your relationship and so many different combinations to choose from, you can design a completely unique ring that symbolises your love and individual relationship.


A diamond halo or cluster [view] around your centre stone can give the effect of a larger stone and add to the sparkle of you ring. A simple and glamorous addition, this style has gained nothing but popularity in past years and is going nowhere any time soon.

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