Diamond Sparkle

Here at Voltaire diamonds, one of the most frequent words we hear from our clients when referring to our diamonds is sparkle. Indeed ‘sparkle’ is the operative word, as this phenomenon is what makes diamonds the world’s most coveted gemstone. When it comes to engagement rings, sparkle is one of the most desired requirements. In this article we will outline what makes a diamond sparkle and our top tips for shopping for the most sparkly engagement ring.

What makes a diamond sparkle?

Sparkle is a consequence of a number of collaborative forces. Many factors play a part in effecting diamond sparkle. Below we break down the main factors:


Without light a diamond cannot sparkle. Sparkle is all about how well the diamond interacts with light. When light enters a diamond, it bends or refracts, and then exits again. Cut is key here as the type and
quality of the diamond’s cut determine how a diamond reacts to the light around it. If a diamond is an excellent cut, the stone will bend and reflect light in such a way that fire, brilliance and scintillation will be
maximized. These three factors are key components of sparkle.

Natural Formation

Diamonds that are formed with many inclusions pose problems for the diamond cutter. Such diamonds make it more difficult for the cutter to decide on how the rough can best be turned into a polished diamond. Each facet must carefully be planned around the inclusions to minimise their appearance. Ths has a two fold effect on sparkle as firstly inclusions can disrupt the way light waves travel within a diamond and secondly, a compromised cut will yield a less sparkly result. Of course skilled diamond cutters will take all factors into consideration to produce the best possible finished diamond.


Scintillation is the play of white and coloured flashes of light seen when the diamond is viewed in motion. The two core aspects of sparkle are called flash scintillation and fire scintillation. Ideally a diamond has many pleasing white and coloured flashes spread across the surface of the stone, with few areas of dark patches.

How to Choose an engagement ring with maximum sparkle: Our top tips

Inspect the ring under different light sources

It is important to examine the diamond under different light sources. We always encourage our clients to walk around the room wearing the engagement ring and to view the diamond in natural light.

Look for a diamond with a brilliant cutting style

Diamonds faceted with a brilliant style will showcase more sparkle than diamonds ith less complex, step style faceting. The round brilliant cut diamond offers the most sparkle, however other diamond shapes like oval, pear, marquise and cushion offer a sparkly alternative. Shapes such as emerald, asscher and baguette, tend to have the least sparkle.

Make sure the cut quality is high

Cut is really key when it comes to sparkle. Diamonds of excellent cut together with excellent polish and symmetry will showcase a higher degree of sparkle than diamonds of a lower cut grade.

Choose a diamond with high colour and clarity

Diamonds of high colour are typically perceived as more sparkly than diamonds with a lower colour grade. Diamonds that are heavily included will typically sparkle less than diamonds of a high clarity grade. This is due to the fact that inclusions can interrupt how light interacts with a diamond.

Choose a setting that maximises light entry

The diamond setting can have a big impact on the overall appearance of the diamond. An open style setting that enables more light entry will look more sparkly than a setting that encloses the diamond.

Add sparkle with a halo or side diamonds

Lots of little diamonds set together will add more sparkle to any ring. Scallop or pave set diamonds are a great way to add more sparkle to your engagement ring.

Always remember than when it comes to sparkle, it really is a matter of personal preferences.
Some people prefer diamonds with less sparkle and some people want all the sparkle. As no two diamonds are the same, there really is something for everyone.

Now that you know more about sparkle, you can confidently choose the perfect engagement ring for you.

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