Melee Style Engagement Rings

Solitaire engagement rings, in addition to coming in the various beautiful diamond shapes available, can also include melee diamonds in the band and surrounds. These stones can be set in different ways to achieve unique looks. Scallop set diamonds create the brightest appearance, pavé looks slightly antique, and channel settings are more streamlined and contemporary.

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ER 2013

Oval Cut Diamond Solitaire with Tapered Pave Set Shoulders ER 2013

ER 1239 round solitaire milgrain tapered baguettes

Round Brilliant Solitaire with Tapered Baguettes ER 1239

ER 1352 cushion solitaire pave rosanna davison

Cushion Cut Ring with Old Cut Pave Set Shoulders ER 1352

YouTube ER 1225

Round Brilliant With Scallop Set Shoulders ER 1225

YouTube ER 1245

Classic Ring Four Claw with Channel Set Shoulders ER 1245

YouTube ER 1266

Emerald Cut Ring with Pave Set Shoulders ER 1266

YouTube ER 1279

Round Brilliant Four Claw Setting with Pave Set Shoulders ER 1279

YouTube ER 1348

Bespoke Ring with Split Shoulder ER 1348

YouTube ER 2016

Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Twist with Princess Channel Set Shoulders ER 2016

YouTube ER 2017

Oval Cut Solitaire with Scallop Set Split Shoulders ER 2017

YouTube ER 2019

Princess Cut Solitaire with Pave Set Shoulders ER 2019

YouTube ER 1022

Marquise Solitaire Ring with Channel Set Shoulders ER 1022

YouTube ER 1075

Round Brilliant with Graduated Channel Set Shoulders ER 1075

ER 1349 marquise solitaire scallop

Bespoke Marquise Solitaire ER 1349

ER 1392 round compass solitaire pave wrapover split shoulders

Split Shoulder Solitaire with Matching Wedding Ring – ER 1392

ER 1018 princess cut side

Round Solitaire with Crossover Setting and Pave Shoulders ER 1018

ER 1192 round compass solitaire pave

Round Brilliant in a Compass Twist Setting with Pave Shoulders ER 1192

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