Antique Style Engagement Rings

Antique style engagement rings are a great way to pay homage to fashions of another era while ensuring a safe and durable setting. There are so many different designs to choose from, so even those who imagine that they would prefer a different style usually find a style that suits them.

Antique Style
ER 2065 Oval Scallop Halo Engagement Ring 1

Oval Cut Scallop Set Halo with Delicate Diamond Set Band ER 2065

ER 1563 round halo antique

Round Halo Antique Style ER 1563

er 1491 round halo pave engagement ring

Round Pave Set Halo Style ER 1491

er 1972 oval pave halo side engagement ring

Oval Pave Set Halo ER 1972

Scallop Set Halo 1

Round Scallop Set Halo ER2316

er 1528 pear halo scallop engagement ring

Pear Cut Diamond Halo Style ER 1528

ER 2020 emerald halo double pave

Emerald Cut Antique Double Halo ER 2020

er 1561 cushion pave halo 4 claw 2 engagement ring

Cushion Cut Halo with Pave Set Shoulders ER 1561


Cushion Cut Scallop Set Halo ER 2047

ER 1509 prince halo pave split

Prince Cut Halo with Split Shoulders ER 1509

er 1518 round halo scallop split engagement ring

Round Halo with Split Shoulders ER 1518

er 1511 marquise halo pave engagement ring

Marquise Halo Engagement Ring – ER 1511

Marquise Diamond with Pave Set Halo and Shoulders

Marquise Pave Diamond Halo ER1042

Oval Diamond Pave Set Halo Engagement Ring ER 225

Oval Diamond Pave Set Halo ER 2258

Scallop Set Marquise Halo Engagement Ring ER 2138

Marquise Scallop Halo ER 2138

er 1056 round scallop set halo split shoulder engagement ring

Round Diamond Halo Split Shoulder ER 1056

Halo with Diamond Set Shoulders

Oval Scallop Double Halo ER 2157

Radiant Cut Scallop Halo Engagement Ring

Emerald Cut Scallop Halo ER 2094

Diamond Engagement Rings Dublin

Princess Cut And Pave Diamond Halo

Engagement Ring Oval Scallop Set Halo

Oval Scallop Set Halo ER 2065

Antique Style Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Antique Style Round Brilliant Cut Diamond ER2533

ER 1553 oval halo pave

Oval Halo Antique Style ER 1553

Emerald Cut Double Halo Engagement Ring ER2515

Emerald Cut Double Halo ER2515

Round Halo Brilliant with Pave Set Shoulders

Round Halo Brilliant Pave Set Diamond ER 2268

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